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TerraFarm Overview

When the same old racking solution is no longer relevant, discover a turnkey ground mount racking solution that does what it’s supposed to do: quicken installation times.

TerraFarm has been designed and engineered to increase the rate of installation to levels that have not been experienced in the solar industry, saving solar companies significant dollars on labor rates and winning more RFP bids. TerraFarm’s trend setting features and characteristics, like our custom Z-SmartRail, with integrated grounding, certified to UL 2703, have defined a new standard in module mounting. The high performance, all galvanized racking materials provide long lasting durability and the industries only 20 – year limited warranty. All components have been pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded for simple assembly in the field. The versatility and scalability of TerraFarm provides a flexible option for projects of all sizes. On your next installation, upgrade, to a user-friendly solution that incorporates all the right ingredients to simplify ground mount projects.

TerraFarm Sample Engineering Plans

TerraFarm – Installation Manual



Breakthrough Rail Technology

Finally, there’s a better way to mount modules to panel rails. With TerraSmart’s custom Z-SmartRail technology, module installation rates to the fastest levels in the industry. Z-SmartRail combines custom under mount and slide on technology to eliminate costly, outdated, and time consuming module clamp systems to create the quickest and most attractive ground mount rack available. Z-SmartRail is certified to UL 2703 for quick module to rail grounding, ensuring smooth electrical inspections.

Full Throttle Ahead

Step on the throttle on your next ground mount installation. TerraSmart’s TerraFarm ground mount system allows you to assemble racks in seconds with its custom design features. With panel installation rates that lead the industry, TerraFarm allows solar companies to gain the competitive edge and stand out on RFP’s. TerraFarm integrated parts and reduced connection point hardware simplifies the installation and keeps your projects on schedule. The custom design features of TerraFarm eliminates in-field welding, drilling, and cutting to ensure your installation is accelerated each and every time.

Hold Your Rack to High Standards

No detail has gone uncovered. With 100% code compliant structure, conforms to UL2703 and components, commitment to total quality and detail, and advanced fabrication processes, TerraSmart provides the most accountable racking structure in the industry. On every ground mount project you have the reassurance in knowing code enforcers and building departments will quickly pass your inspection.

Precision Craftsmanship

Built to withstand the most adverse weather elements, TerraSmart’s ground mount system is made of all galvanized steel material including hardware to ensure you receive the highest quality, and most well-built and durable ground mount racking structure available. TerraSmart just doesn’t talk about its quality and long lasting design, it leads the industry with a 20-year limited warranty. Now, system owners will have peace of mind knowing their racking structures will be there as long as the modules.

Unparalleled Support

We expect excellence and so should you! It’s not enough for TerraSmart to just provide a product; we also must provide the support. With a well-qualified, professionally-trained and courteous staff you will receive the support you expect and the complete satisfaction you deserve. In order to fulfill this commitment, TerraSmart offers full structural and foundation design drawings, stamped and sealed by a state certified professional engineer for every ground mount project. TerraSmart also provides site testing, survey of foundation points, and complete installation services. At TerraSmart, you will find all the support you need in one place.

The Ultimate in Versatility

No two ground mount project are the same. With that in mind, TerraSmart has designed a versatile racking system to accommodate the variable conditions you are sure to encounter on ground mount applications. With the ability to accept east-to-west slopes up to 20 percent you have flexibility where it matters most. Be prepared during your next ground mount installation with the versatility offered in TerraSmart’s TerraFarm.

Power with Partners

At TerraSmart we pride ourselves in our commitment to create long lasting relationships with our clients. We enter into each project as partners, understanding that challenges are sure to arise and that we will be by each other’s side to work through even the toughest situations. The relationship is built while in the trenches (construction of the farm) and its the trenches where TerraSmart shows its true commitment to building long lasting partnerships.