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Patua Solar and Geothermal Join Forces in the Silver State

With its tremendous natural resources, modern infrastructure and enhanced incentives, Nevada has become a magnet for renewable energy. Ranked fourth solar state in the country in cumulative capacity, the Silver State boasts over 370,000 solar-powered homes and recently passed legislation to restore its net metering credits for rooftop customers, boosting distributed energy in this hot solar market. Among the state’s newest solar projects, the 15-megawatt Patua plant 50 miles east of Reno has been built on 84 acres adjacent to a geothermal facility, allowing it to share a control room with the steam-powered station. The Patua system deployed solar trackers to maximize the efficiency of the 45,000 US-made PV panels and employed 100 regional Nevada contractors to complete the installation.

TerraSmart’s tracker foundation helped reduce costs and streamline installation for the single-axis Patua project. Because TerraSmart’s unique ground screw foundation uses fewer materials than traditional piles while minimizing the risk of refusals, its cost advantage is unmatched. TerraSmart’s in-house engineering and construction teams designed and installed Patua’s tracker interface system quickly and efficiently, creating synergy in renewable energy


  • DC System Size

    14.5 MW

  • Type of Rack


  • Ground Screws


  • TerraSmart Rows


  • Modules


Design Specification

  • Wind Load

    90 MPH

  • Snow Load


  • Soil Type


  • Panel Orientation



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