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TerraSmart Boosts Maine’s Solar with its Largest Project to Date

Known for its rocky coastline, lighthouses and lobster shacks, windswept Maine has no shortage of natural resources. But solar energy is still nascent in the Pine Tree state. At nearly 10 megawatts (MW), the Pittsfield solar project is Maine’s largest PV facility, representing more than half of the solar capacity in the state. But that’s not all: Pittsfield also is the state’s first community solar project. Considering the fact that Maine brought just six MW of solar online in all of 2016, TerraSmart’s work there is turning out to a be quite a catch of electricity.

Maine’s rugged terrain requires a tough foundation, and TerraSmart’s best-in-class ground screws are proving essential to the project’s success as the only foundation able to penetrate the site’s rocky ground. The company’s new TF2 Landscape rack is designed for flexibility to avoid costly civil work, save time, and optimize yield. These technologies, coupled with TerraSmart’s cost-effective turnkey installation, help deliver maximum returns for the Pittsfield plant. What’s more, TerraSmart’s community solar project experience also has proven invaluable to the state’s development of shared solar. This is all good news that will help keep the sun shining on Maine.


  • DC System Size

    13.8 MW

  • Type of Rack

    TF2 L

  • Ground Screws


  • TerraSmart Tables


  • Modules


  • Manufacturer

    Longi Solar

Design Specification

  • Wind Load

    105 MPH

  • Snow Load

    90 PSF

  • Exposure Category


  • Tilt Angle


  • Soil Type



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