Accuracy Accelerated

TerraSmart’s single axis tracker foundation solution increases installation velocity to hold project schedules and eliminate change orders associated with refusals. Even when the only consistent aspect of your project is its inconsistency, TerraSmart delivers a quality product to ensure subsequent phases are installed as if on a traditional driven post. TerraSmart’s advanced installation equipment and unique design features incorporated into the tracker interface eliminate many of the complications encountered with pile foundations and improves the overall project experience on difficult sites.

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No Two Projects Are The Same

Understanding there are different elements that make every tracker project unique, TerraSmart has the versatility in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation to ensure every tracker foundation interface has been designed efficiently to reduce material costs while increasing installation velocity. With TerraSmart’s in-house manufacturing facility, engineering design team and construction staff, we take control of the process to meet the unique challenges present on any tracker site.