Fort Myers, Florida — March 12, 2020:  TerraSmart today announced the launch of TerraCivil, its new civil division that will aide in streamlining the overall project execution on utility-scale solar projects.  An experienced leader in the solar sector, TerraSmart adds civil construction services to its “true” turnkey business model that will in turn, provide an enhanced level of added value to clients and more advantageous pricing.

TerraCivil incorporates civil land construction services such as fencing, building access roads, clearing, destumping, grading, stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and more.  Known for installing in arduous soil conditions with its specialized ground screw solution, TerraSmart’s in-house civil service allows for a seamless transition from pushing dirt to installing modules on some of the toughest sites in the industry.  TerraCivil will aide in simplifying the construction process resulting in overall project efficiency and expedition of project timelines.

“TerraSmart’s continued pursuit to enhance its value-based business model will uniquely provide developers an opportunity to create efficiencies throughout the project ecosystem,” says TerraSmart CEO, Ryan Reid.  “As TerraSmart embarks upon ten years in the industry, we continue to evolve our business by adding products and services that will streamline the overall process on solar construction sites. By adding TerraCivil, our clients benefit from even lower price points and obtain quicker results because we own the entire process.”

 TerraSmart’s first civil projects are currently underway in Marathon, NY, a 25-megawatt utility-scale site, and Sparks, NV, a 62-megawatt utility-scale site.  By incorporating TerraCivil with these projects, the additional service has resulted in even more advantageous price points, seamless and accelerated project execution along with ease of site mobility.