TerraSmart’s Advanced Technology Wins Bid For Second-Largest Solar Project In New York State

July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017 TerraSmart

[nectar_dropcap color=””]T [/nectar_dropcap]erraSmart, a leading innovator in ground mount racking solutions, has been awarded the Shoreham Solar Commons project in Long Island. Eighty miles from New York City, the 42 MW DC plant converts a former golf course into the state’s second-largest solar facility.  TerraSmart began construction on the fix-tilt system in May and will use its advanced technology and turnkey installation to get Shoreham’s high-yield PV array online fast.

“We are honored to have been selected for this landmark project for the town of Brookhaven,” says TerraSmart CEO Ryan Reid. “Combining our ground screws, time-saving racks and complete turnkey installation set us apart with a more competitive, higher-yield alternative to standard pile driven racking systems.”

  • TerraSmart’s advanced technological abilities resulted in deployment to construct Shoreham Solar Commons:
  • The company’s flexible TerraFarm racking system can adjust easily to conform to the site’s rolling hills and slopes up to 25 percent.  Designed to handle extreme grades while maintaining structural integrity, the racking system will help avoid major civil work at Shoreham Solar, reducing construction time and lowering labor costs.
  • TerraSmart’s unique steel forged tip on the ground screw made it possible to tackle the decommissioned irrigation lines that lie beneath the site by puncturing through the pipes.
  • The TF2’s landscape orientation saves time and optimizes system yield, enabling PV installation on sites that otherwise would require extensive civil work.
  • TerraSmart’s autonomous precision survey rover, APSR, maximizes survey speed and increases drill accuracy for large-scale PV construction.

“Using our APSR robot to survey the locations for the ground screws on site allows us to work much more accurately than our competitors using traditional methods,” says Chase Anderson, TerraSmart systems design and drafting manager.  “The rover allows us to install the rows of screws more precisely than ever before, resulting in a very efficient, streamlined construction process.”

With a strong presence in the Northeast, TerraSmart has a proven track record on similar sites nearby.  Additionally, the company’s turnkey installation service provides a seamless transition from design concept to field deployment, it can get the Shoreham Solar plant online to generate revenue faster.

Shoreham Solar Commons also will stimulate the economy and safeguard the environment:

  • The system will generate $670,000 in tax revenue annually for the town of Brookhaven over the 20-year life of the project — about 10 times the taxes brought in through the former golf course.
  • Construction brings 175 jobs to the area for the scheduled six-month installation period.
  • More than 29,000 tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions will be avoided each year, totaling over 1.17 million tons during the facility’s lifespan.

Shoreham Solar Commons’ owner/operator Invenergy, will help the local utility, Long Island Power Authority, make progress toward New York’s 2030 fifty-percent clean energy goal.


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