June 4, 2021
June 4, 2021 TerraSmart

Part 2 of a 2-part series

Click here for Part 1 on the creation of TerraSmart’s civil construction division, TerraCivil — combining a complete land construction scope with TerraSmart’s structure portfolio and turnkey installation to help EPCs ensure project success.

From scope-to-end, integration amplifies returns and slashes risks

TerraSmart, and its civil works division, extends the Gibraltar Renewable Energy family’s capabilities to present extraordinary opportunities. Powered for solar progress, the Gibraltar ecosystem encompasses leading brands that work seamlessly across the project development cycle to bring added value, boosting returns and cutting risk for developers and EPCs.

Gibraltar Renewable Energy clients secure stronger margins through a full-scope offering. Dedicated project management responds to unique project needs with tighter execution throughout each phase from scope to end.

What’s more, leveraging the group’s people and portfolio synergy means smarter, holistic systems designed for more profitable, faster solar delivery. Gibraltar’s solar brands offer diverse benefits, including:

1. Early project development software from Sunfig that informs smart decisions fast and increases project returns by up to 15 percent

2. Pile foundations and fully customized fixed racking systems from RBI Solar that slashes costs in most site conditions

3. Integrated power electronics and cable management from SolarBOS to drive down costs and ensure the industry’s fastest delivery

Project win illustrates all benefits

TerraSmart won industry accolades for its Turquoise Project, which was named Project of the Year by Solar Builder Magazine. And for good reason. Atop 180 acres of igneous rock and ledge at a mountainous base in Nevada, the 61-MW project suffered numerous failed trials with unsuitable pile systems.

Project owner Greenbacker Renewable Energy ultimately consulted with EPC McCarthy Building Companies’ Renewable Energy & Storage group, bringing TerraSmart on board to make up for delays in the project’s construction schedule. The scope included design and engineering of the system, surveying and civil construction using three of its own rock drill machines, and foundation and rack installation.

TerraSmart’s ability to forge into the site’s extreme rocky terrain saved time and additional costs by eliminating unnecessary clearing and civil work. Watch the video to see the team in action.

Holistic partnership powers project success

“When EPCs partner with TerraCivil, we wrap the entire solution and assume the risk from all other parts of the project,” Turner explains. “You don’t get that from other civil partners who have no skin in the game after their part is done.”

Traditionally, civil providers will only start the contract once they have a set of plans issued for construction. But because TerraCivil is integrated with the rest of the Gibraltar Renewable Energy team, EPCs won’t see any change orders for unforeseen project issues. Integrating foundations, racking, and electrical BOS increases transparency for all parties and improves project management through a streamlined team that’s in-sync and focused on project success. Issues are identified up front, execution plans are more detailed, and construction comes in on time. Most importantly, EPCs and developers achieve substantial value through a single integrated partner.

TerraSmart and Gibraltar driving innovation through integration

Gibraltar’s Renewable Energy Group advances TerraSmart’s continuous advance toward value through product and service integration. Now serving up a complete DC scope for utility-scale EPCs and developers, the group delivers an industry-first offering that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

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