“Solar ground mount racking company leader had specific vision for their headquarters”

Featured article in Business Observer – September 6, 2019

Construction firm that build Fort Myers-based TerraSmart gave all the credit to company president.

by: Jay Schlichter Lee-Collier Editor

When most developers or construction companies build a unique project, they understandably want to boast about it.

In the case of the recently completed corporate headquarters for TerraSmart, Seagate Development Group Chief Executive Officer Matt Price didn’t want to take credit for what turned out to be a “good-looking building.”

Instead, he says Ryan Reid, president of the Fort Myers-based solar ground mount racking company, deserves all the praise.

“He had a vision for his company,” Price says. “He communicated that to the design team and us as a builder. He wanted big open spaces for collaboration. He wanted to get the natural light in.”

That’s what Reid received in the end, with the company hosting a grand-opening ceremony this past April at its new headquarters that sits adjacent to the Southwest Florida International Airport off Treeline Avenue in Fort Myers.