True Turnkey Installation Increases Quality, Cuts Costs and….

October 30, 2018
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October 30, 2018 TerraSmart

….Shortens Deployment Time for Solar PV Plant Construction





As a leading innovator in ground mount solutions, TerraSmart has been the solar industry’s first, and continues to remain, true turnkey solution for PV plant construction.  Combining installation expertise with design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, TerraSmart brings full vertical integration to large-scale ground mount deployment. 

“We control every step of the process, from our supply chain to our in-house manufacturing and turnkey system installation,” says TerraSmart CEO Ryan Reid. “Our true turnkey construction provides a seamless transition from design concept to manufacturing to field deployment.  This means that customers can bring new plants on line faster, generating new energy and revenue.”  

TerraSmart’s vertically-integrated manufacturing lets it maintain control over material quality, availability and cost at its 70,000-square-foot facility in Columbus, Ohio.  One example: Using recycled roll-formed steel, instead of waiting for steel shipped from China, gives TerraSmart a cost-efficient, readily-available alternative that ensures the final product’s integrity and lifecycle quality. 

In-house steel fabrication equipment includes TrumpF tube lasers, robotic welding and Demag Crain systems with dual hooks able to lift 40 tons of steel.  These capabilities, combined with other cutting-edge technologies, shorten lead times and keep prices competitive. 

TerraSmart’s vertical integration extends from upstream sourcing and fabrication to downstream turnkey installation.  By keeping construction experts on-site throughout installation, TerraSmart has a unique opportunity to gather customer feedback and spot challenges before they cause trouble.  The result: continuous learning and improvement that bring innovative solutions to the field immediately. 

“Dedicated TerraSmart project managers ensure a complete feedback loop throughout the build process,” says Director of Construction Richard Van Fleet. “Unlike our competitors, we keep all critical aspects of solar construction in-house, using full-time employees who specialize in professional surveying, drilling, screw, racking and panel install.”

TerraSmart’s unique true-turnkey approach also keeps it on the market’s cutting edge.  New products and processes such as the TF3 L rack and the Autonomous Precision Survey Rover (APSR) result in quality site solutions that are economical, more durable and faster to deploy:   

  • The adjustable TF2 rack offers substantial time savings for on-site teams, resulting in 35 percent reductions in install time. With 66 percent less hardware than competitors’ racks and with up to 36 percent slope capability, TF2 significantly reduces civil work, potential delays and costs caused by unforeseen conditions revealed during construction.  
  • An even lighter weight rack, The TF3L, is a two-piece simple hardware design that aides in a longer peak performance of employees working in the field.  TF3L incorporates all the industry-leading features of the TF2P, additionally accommodating more panels per foundation in a landscape module orientation.

Vertical integration means more stringent quality control, both upstream with materials and products as well as downstream with processes and execution. This true-turnkey offering means expedited inspections, faster plant commissioning and quicker revenue-generating capacity on-line.  

“There are a lot of companies who say they are turnkey, but there is only one I know who really is turnkey,” says Ned Chaney, senior project manager at Borrego Solar. “From start to finish, TerraSmart has ownership of the entire process.  This means unforeseen conditions or technical challenges can be resolved quickly, project velocity is uninterrupted, and solar systems can generate returns on time and on budget.”  


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