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At TerraSmart, our accomplishments are determined by the satisfaction and success of our site partners on each project we undertake together. Pushing forward the success of our partners at every opportunity, TerraSmart works to the highest industry standards with in-house crews on every job site, holding to our high, client-focused commitment every step of the way. With TerraSmart, you’ve got a partner you can rely on.

What Others Say About Our Work

There are a lot of companies who say they are turnkey, but there is only one I know who really is turnkey. From start to finish TerraSmart has ownership of the process and makes it really simple on my team to manage the project.

Ned ChaneySenior Project Manager, Borrego Solar

The number one thing I’d want another customer to know about TerraSmart is that they will step up to the plate to bring in your project. They work with you on all the challenges they come across on every single site. These sites aren’t easy, and working with TerraSmart makes it easy.

Bryan MorrisonDirector of Engineering, Borrego Solar

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Why Choose TerraSmart?

“The number one thing I want people to know about TerraSmart is that they’re great partners throughout project development and through the build. They have a very strong engineering team that allows us to work together and collaborate to come up with solutions, and to maximize the capacity and energy efficiency of a site. During construction, their construction team has a lot of experience, a lot of wisdom. They know how to come into a site, manage a site and do their scope of work effectively. The third thing is that they actually do the work, which a lot of other mounting companies do not do, so TerraSmart provides value-added assistance in the field as well as stand behind their work and their engineering.”

– Chris Perron
VP of EPC Services, Nexamp Solar Energy Solutions

More Are Choosing TerraSmart

The ability to build in a variety of subsurface subsurface conditions is why I go with TerraSmart again and again. Their engineering support and their construction expertise on utilizing their TF2 mounting system allows me to do a very aggressive construction schedule and I can pass that value on to my clients, so I can win more jobs. The ability to have access to the entire TerraSmart leadership team throughout the process means a lot too.

Chris PerronVP of EPC Services, Nexamp Inc

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