Qualified Expertise.

TerraSmart’s sole focus on ground mount projects has created a proven team of experts with the knowledge, experience and drive needed to create a project experience that’s responsive, on-deadline and able to quickly mitigate challenges. Through repetition and a continuous focus on ground mounts, our team of experts continuously refines and enhances the way ground mount projects are constructed, giving you time-saving and value-creating benefits on every site, every day.

Professionalism. Always.

TerraSmart takes pride in having the brightest, most dedicated talent in the industry. By nurturing talent, our employee’s skills are continually being developed, challenged and expanded. In exchange, we have a results-driven team who is always working hard to deliver exceptional service for our clients and our partners on every construction project. That includes continually evaluating processes, optimizing procedures and creating new products that add time-saving advantages and create more value on every bid and on every job. TerraSmart holds its employees to the toughest standards to ensure we are constantly providing the highest quality service and the most viable products in the solar industry.


TerraSmart believes in building strategic relationships with our partners by delivering the most value, service and benefit possible on each and every project. We excel at exceeding expectations and work hand-in-hand with our partners to develop the best solution for each projects unique construction needs. In doing this, our efficiency continues to be enhanced through superior internal processes that allow us to keep delivering high-quality products and services with unsurpassed value.

We Design with
Time in Mind.

Our engineering team knows each site is different, that’s why they consider every consequence. Product design has to be sustainable, practical, compliant and most importantly cost-effective. TerraSmart engineers analyze the install functionality, product integrity, cost factor, environmental impact, and the entire product lifecycle. It is crucial to TerraSmart engineers that we only deliver products that offer our clients a competitive advantage with longevity.

Products You Can Trust

All TerraSmart products are manufactured in a TerraSmart-owned facility with high-quality materials to meet the elevated standards required to redefine an industry. Whether it’s our proprietary fixed-tilt ground mounts, our patented, forged-tip ground screw, our foundation tracker interface or any of the other new products we have in development, with TerraSmart, you will always get products you can trust your reputation to.

Real Interactions Matter.

Whether you want to speak with a professional about an upcoming project, an engineer, or our CEO, you will always be able to speak with a real person within 24 hours. At TerraSmart, responsiveness is key and your questions matter.

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