Why Safe Harbor with TerraSmart?

September 8, 2020
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September 8, 2020 TerraSmart


Flexibility on how the material can be used yet still project specific

A more stable investment, less opportunity for price fluctuations

Photographic documentation is provided of every serialized bundle of material showing it was completed and stored

Safe and secure storage is provided; i.e. fencing and security cameras

Internal Freight


Delivery Schedule

The TerraSmart team (project managers/logistics) work directly with the client to determine the delivery schedule.


Construct the project.

TerraSmart coordinates with client to get their material to the site as it is needed, and will establish the necessary flow to construct the project.


Determine a schedule.

TerraSmart is able to support the logistics of client material by working directly with the TS warehouse to determine a shipping and receiving schedule.



TerraSmart recommends to store at one of its facilities to ensure efficiency. However, if client prefers, TerraSmart’s trucks are available to pick-up material at the port and deliver to client’s storage facility.

Think Early, Think Safe,
Think Secure

Early Procurement of Material to take advantage of the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit for 2020

Flexibility to store Material & Product at one of TerraSmart’s Ops facilities

Developer has until 2024 to secure future solar project site and finalize system size.


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