It’s our people who make a difference. Our leaders and solar industry experts throughout our
organization bring in-depth expertise and a passion for making solar more profitable for our partners
anywhere and on any terrain.


From the boardroom to the trenches, we stand with our partners.


President, Terrasmart

Ed joined as President, Terrasmart in August 2021 from Emerson where he most recently served as President, Digital Solutions. He led a group of fast-growth businesses developed both organically and via acquisition into one cohesive business portfolio. Over his 22 years at Emerson, he held leadership roles in strategic planning, product management, marketing and global market development covering North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.



Vice President, Finance

With sixteen years of experience in controllership, public audits and project management, Leslie is well-versed in financial reporting. During her five years with RBI Solar / Terrasmart, she has been key in developing scalable processes and implementing new systems that allow for growth. She has a proven track record in change management and continuous improvement at Nucor and PwC.


Vice President, Information Technology

Brent is a co-founder and early employee at TerraSmart holding numerous roles before becoming the Vice President of Technology for Terrasmart where he currently leads the technical team responsible for designing and building the software and hardware for the TerraTrak product line. He has a vast background in software development and technical sales. Brent also has extensive entrepreneurial experience, having also co-founded abode and previous experience at, covering Fortune 500 accounts.


Senior Human Resources Director

Carrie joined Terrasmart in October 2021 as the Senior Human Resources Director. For the last 22 years she has driven results for publicly traded companies by developing both broad and deep knowledge and capability in business operations, organizational development, talent management, and methods and tools for improving processes and systems. Carrie is passionate about developing organizations that bring out the best in people, making it easy to do the work that best serves our customers and accomplishes our strategy. This means ensuring we have people with the right experience and skills in well-designed jobs and providing a work environment where everyone can contribute their unique strengths and talent, so together we achieve our purpose and mission.


Vice President, Sales

Joining the Terrasmart team in early 2021 as VP, Sales, Brian brings a passion for delivering leading customer experiences and proven leadership across sales, marketing, product management, engineering and strategy. He has successfully built and led sales, marketing, and operations teams for established, newly acquired, and newly formed companies in B2B and B2C business, including several Gibraltar companies, ITW and Valspar.


Vice President, Business Development & Strategy

As the President and Founder of TerraSmart, Ryan led the company to the forefront of the industry with a reputation for product innovation, service excellence, and not backing down from challenging terrain. With his deep experience in building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, Ryan now serves as the VP, Business Development & Strategy ensuring our programs, products and services remain relevant and valuable to customers.


Sr. Director, Marketing

Joanna joined the Terrasmart team in February 2021 as the head of Marketing. Having held numerous marketing and communications roles over the years, she pushes marketing to perform at its peak by harnessing the full capabilities of the business to provide the best experience for our customers and thereby drive growth.


Gibraltar Business Development & Strategy

As one of the founders of RBI Solar, Bill has been instrumental in building our renewable energy platform and leading its growth and expansion, including multiple acquisitions, to the industry leader it is today. Previously serving as the Group President, Renewable Energy and Conservation, Bill is now the Business Development Leader at Gibraltar, responsible for accelerating key initiatives including mergers & acquisitions, integration, organization development, and change management.


General Manager

Dean has been serving as the general manager since May 2019, where he has been focused on building processes and a team for growth. His experience spans from management to operations and business development with aggressive growth companies. With five years of experience in commercial construction and working for Fortune 500 companies in the OEM and Greentech space, Dean is passionate about building businesses that drive change for our environment.


Vice President, Supply Chain Management

John was appointed Vice President of Supply Chain Management for Gibraltar’s Renewable Energy Group in January 2021 after joining Gibraltar in September 2004 as Corporate Vice President of Supply Chain Management. Throughout his more than 35-year career, John has worked for large multi-national companies recognized as leaders in procurement and supply chain management including Xerox & UTC.