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At TerraSmart, we value every relationship and view each project as an opportunity for a long-term partnership. With concrete results you can trust, delivered by the leading experts in the field, we promise every interaction from the first meeting to the last, you’ll have a dedicated, responsive TerraSmart team by your side.

Ground Mounts

Expedite your next ground mount project by reducing site preparation time with a rack that accommodates steeper slopes. Click the icon to learn more about TerraSmart’s ground mount solution.


Ground Screws

Eliminate pile refusals, expensive ballast concrete and control project risk with a solution that excels where others do not. Find out why ground screws have made a sweeping impact on ground mount projects.


Tough Soils

Concerned with more geotech reports indicating shallow refusal depths? Learn how TerraSmart’s proprietary drilling solution overcomes adverse sub-surface conditions on ground mount projects.


Project Center

Modules supported by TerraSmart
Turnkey MW’s built
Ground screws installed

Fixed-Tilt Racking

A breakthrough vision in product design.

TerraSmart’s next generation fixed-tilt rack incorporates over six years input from field contractors across the world, resulting in our new TF2 rack design that delivers even more benefits that reach the field. By bringing more value to field developers, EPC’s and installers, construction time is reduced and the experience is seamless. Learn more about the new TF2 rack benefits that are expediting project schedules and making more projects financially feasible.

Turnkey Services

The foresight to simplify.

Years ago with a goal in mind to simplify ground mount solar projects, TerraSmart pioneered the turnkey racking model. With hundreds of MW’s installed with turnkey services, TerraSmart has developed advanced installation techniques that quicken installation times and raise the bar for quality standards, all while providing contractors an unmatched customer service experience. Start your next ground mount project with TerraSmart’s trained, experienced and professional turnkey staff.

racking systems

Tracker Interface

Making more sites possible.

TerraSmart’s proven track record setting quality fixed-tilt foundations has led to a growing demand for tracker sites in areas with tough soil conditions. With tracker demand increasing and problematic sub-surfaces becoming increasingly prevalent, more developers and EPC’s are relying on TerraSmart’s expertise to overcome the toughest soil obstacles. Discover how TerraSmart can streamline your next tracker site in any soil condition.

More Developers Lean on TerraSmart

Working with TerraSmart on projects, schedule is always of the utmost importance. In this industry, we’ve got to move, and TerraSmart is always there to run with us. These sites aren’t easy, but working with TerraSmart makes it easy.

Bryan MorrisonDirector of Engineering, Borrego Solar

The ability to build in a variety of subsurface conditions is why I go with TerraSmart again and again. Their engineering support and their construction expertise on utilizing their TF2 mounting system allows me to do a very aggressive construction schedule and I can pass that value on to my clients, so I can win more jobs.

Chris PerronVP of EPC Services, Nexamp Inc

Even the way the TerraSmart racking is shipped to us is good. You’re not re-bundling materials to get them out in the field. They already come pre-bundled for you. On a large commercial project, probably a third of our time is spent on materials handling, so if it’s packaged better and we can save time, it really helps us.

Kevin ConlonSt. Joseph’s Abbey Site Superintendent for Mass Electric Construction Co.

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