Speed And Accuracy

Site Topology & 3D Mapping is redefined with our High Precision Aerial Site Mapping which obtains a level of detail that is previously unmatched in the industry for advanced site layout and project planning. Also, the first of its kind – TerraSmart’s Autonomous Precision Survey Rover triples the survey speed and accuracy on your next site. Each APSR unit is able to locate up to 1,300 survey steak-out points per day.

Aerial Site Mapping Drones

Solar sites can be brought on-line even more quickly due to the time-saving benefits delivered by providing detailed topography data during the layout phase. Our high precision drones are able to cover 50-80 acres per each hour of flight time, a site of 5 MW can be completely mapped and data-processed in only 48 hours.

Autonomous Precision Survey Rover

The engineering team loads coordinate files onto an Android tablet, making them accessible to the APSR operator to create “missions” for each project site. APSR’s operator can prioritize work by site conditions and can even save and replay missions at any time. Once the operator provides the commands, APSR will survey each programmed location.

Trimble Handheld

TerraSmart uses a variety of Trimble equipment that eliminates downtime by allowing our survey team to be more productive. Our team is able to precisely stake out points on the site, handle complex files with the trimble smart screens and accurately read 3D data sets. We keep it simple, yet accurate offering reliability when it’s needed the most.

High Precision Aerial
Site Mapping

Obtains a level of detail that is previously unmatched in the
industry for advanced site layout and project planning.


Advanced Data

Produce orthomosaics & 3D models with an absolute accuracy down to 1 inch.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Increases accuracy and the elimination of human error.


Delivers a complete site topography very early in construction to simplify pre-engineering.



Triple survey speed and accuracy on your next site with the first fleet of autonomous
survey rovers working in the U.S. solar market. Each APSR unit is able to locate up
to 1,300 survey steak-out points per day.



A typical survey crew can locate up to 200 points per day, but the APSR can do over 1,300 points per day traveling at a speed of 11 mph with a maximum incline of 45 degrees.


The APSR eliminates human error, saves time and cuts project construction costs for clients by being able to survey and drill holes with a two-inch diameter.


Designed for all-terrain use with “slope awareness” for undulating sites. A geometric pass articulation suspension system, 24-inch tires, and 10-inch ground clearance.


A four-level safety system allows the rover to be stopped up to a half-mile away. It features a kill switch as well as shuts itself down if it tips over or travels outside of operating area.


Siteworks Positioning

We take control of the jobsite. By utilizing Trimble equipment specific to each project site,
we’ve created our own algorithms that are proprietary to TerraSmart.


Site Workhouse

A larger screen on the TSC7 Controller allows for powerful processing in the palm of your hand.


Flexible configuration options and rugged reliability for efficient use wherever you are on site.

Measure Up

Handle complex files and 3D data sets quickly to spot any issues before its slows anything down.


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