A civil construction division that was added to TerraSmart’s “true” turnkey business model in effort to streamline the overall project execution on utility-scale solar projects. TerraCivil incorporates civil land construction services such as fencing, building access roads, clearing, destumping, grading, earthwork, roads and laydown areas, asphalt paving, storm drainage, trenching, site fencing, site repairs, indicative estimates, stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and more.

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All Project Sites Are Different

TerraCivil in action in Sparks, Nevada

A 62 MW solar project

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Benefits Of Civil

TerraCivil provides site specific preparation for a project that lays a critical foundation for subsequent construction phases, and the increased scope of work allows TerraSmart to better manage and expedite project schedules.

Streamline Overall Project Execution

Simplifies all construction phases and eases site mobility

Ecosystem’s Efficiency Enhanced

Bring a level of added value to clients with more advantageous pricing

Obtain Quicker Results

Accelerated project execution because TerraSmart own’s the entire process


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Expedite your next ground mount project by reducing site preparation time with a rack that accommodates steep slopes.

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