Maximizing Energy

Breakthrough Racking Solution

Infused with bifacial module compatibility, GLIDE allows complete exposure of the module to maximize potential backside power yield.


Speed Redefined

GLIDE, TerraSmart’s breakthrough ground screw-based fixed-tilt racking solution, is designed to work in any soil condition offering increased install efficiency.  GLIDE’s simplified connections and agile parts result in reduced labor hours in the field, which aid in a significant reduction in price per watt.   Glide through your next project with continuous motion.

Up to 3 High x 12 Long

GLIDE Portrait

TGP is the latest generation fixed-tilt ground mount racking solution in TerraSmart’s portfolio. Leveraging the benefits of TerraSmart’s widely deployed proprietary ground screw foundation, TGP is designed to work in any soil condition.

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Simplified Hardware: 2-piece bolt stacks and only two types of hardware across entire rack

Steep Slopes

Accommodates up to 36% slope tolerance in all directions

Tilt Angle

Tilt Angle: 5 – 40 degrees

Load Capacities

Project specific – up to 170 mph wind speed and 100 PSF Ground Snow Load

Up to 4 high x 6 wide

GLIDE Landscape

TGL is TerraSmart’s first fixed-tilt racking system that offers complete Bifacial compatibility with a shadow free backside and integrated electrical bonding.

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Value Engineered Components

Aiding in lightweight, yet stiff components

Wire Management

Integrated into Structure – NEC Compliant

36% Rack Alignment

Brackets allow for simple adjustment

Ground Screw

Seamless integration to rack allowing install in ardous soil conditions

36% Slope Adjustability

Compress schedules, reduce civil risk and budgets


Move projects along with strategic slot punctuality in steel members


Minimal hardware, agile parts provide continuous install velocity to reduce hours

01. UL 2703

Listed to the latest standard, UL 27033 Edition 1, to ensure product safety, bankability and simplified electrical inspection.

02. CPP Wind Tunnel Testing

Our wind tunnel testing allows for a far more efficient and trusted structural design.

03. 20 Year Warranty

TerraGlide Portrait and Landscape mounting system is designed to ensure the modules are structurally supported for the production life of the solar farm.

Bifacial Module Compatibility

TGL offers the first ever bifacial module compatibility with a shadow free backside maximizing extra power from the sun reflected on the ground.

Turnkey Construction

TerraSmart is a pioneer in true turnkey ground mount racking solutions. From the boardroom to the trenches, we stand with our partners.