Benefits of High Precision Aerial Site Mapping

  • Advanced Data

    Captures aerial photography to produce orthomosaics & 3D models with an absolute accuracy down to 1 inch.

  • Pinpoint Accuracy

    Increases accuracy and eliminates human error.

  • Precision

    Delivers a complete site topography very early in construction to simplify pre-engineering.

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    Advanced Data

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    Pinpoint Accuracy

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The Value of Advanced Site Data

High Precision Aerial Site Mapping data allows for precise planning, advanced mitigation of trouble-spots and helps eliminate unknown topographical factors before a site is cleared for construction. Contact TerraSmart to learn more about our new drone service and our expanding fleet of autonomous solutions.

Site Topography
& 3D Modeling
from High Precision
Aerial Site Mapping

Obtains a level of detail that is previously unmatched in the industry for advanced site layout and project planning.