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TerraSmart’s 70,000 sq.- ft. manufacturing facility provides shorter cycle times and improved production velocity to shorten lead time and service greater product demand. Through the use of highly automated in-house processing lines, TerraSmart’s ability to provide intuitive solar panel racking solutions is accelerated. This ensures the most cost-effective fabrication process that yields a competitively priced solution for the solar market.

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shorter cycle times and improved production velocity

All material production takes place in-house.

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With more downward price pressure on the market, manufactures are increasingly taking shortcuts to reduce material cost. TerraSmart’s quality control department combats this by completing regular supplier audits to ensure raw materials and finished goods meet or exceed industry standards. This ensures a racking structure that withstands rigorous third party structural reviews and will last the length of the warranty.

TerraSmart’s Manufacturing Facility operates at full speed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with over 60 employees.

The Columbus facility is where racking components and parts are customized for all project sites across the country.

The facility houses fifteen pieces of machinery and stations that are dedicated to produce parts.

Sweeping Capacity

Every step of the manufacturing process is critiqued daily by experienced professionals to continuously improve fabrication techniques and ensure high-quality, cost-effective products through efficient plant operation. Continued excellence through the use of lean manufacturing, detailed quality control, advanced processing and high-quality materials allow TerraSmart to always be at the forefront of the ground mount market. TerraSmart makes products you can count on for your solar projects.

There are up to 12 trucks per day in and out of the plant that receive and ship out TerraSmart’s material.

Our facility stores numerous bundles of Safe Harbor material, accurately labeled and serialized ready to ship.

Four overhead bridge cranes, capable of lifting 10 tons, assist in moving product throughout the plant.


TerraSmart has enhanced its manufacturing facility to meet up to 25 project deadlines within the same day. With fifteen pieces of state of the art machinery such as robotic welders, tube lasers and the Haven, TerraSmart is able to produce a high output of precise parts that are accurately cut for tight tolerances. Quality control is insured within our UL and Production labeling systems that provide certification in the field solar so that the solar panel can ground to TerraSmart’s racking system.


Columbus plant runs TerraTrak and TerraSmart’s fixed tilt legs to the galvanizing plant daily.


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