Get results quicker

We own the process from tip to tail.

TerraSmart’s full service construction firm provides a seamless transition from design concept to laying the last glass in the field. Others may claim “full service” but often they contract out the work. At TerraSmart, we go further by bringing all critical aspects of solar construction in-house. Our full-time employees specialize in professional surveying, drilling, screw, racking and panel installation to deliver a true turnkey experience.

How we do it



With TerraSmart you will experience seamless project execution through repetition, familiarity and defined operating procedures that enable efficiency by working with a consistent, experienced partner.

  • Eliminate finger pointing / Solely communicate with one person
  • More reliable warranty with only (1) contractor / less ambiguity in engineering plans
  • Simplify project and construction management
  • Mitigate Risk & overcome obstacles quicker with a partner who is in the fox hole from start to finish
  • Free up time to focus on core business
  • Set and forget
  • Able to achieve more with less while reducing operating overhead.  Need less staff when working with TerraSmart.
  • Actual TS employees onsite who performs everything from civil to laying the glass.We’re not paper pushing to a sub who pushes to another sub. This creates inconsistency and yields greater opportunity for issues. You never know who is showing up on site or if they will even show up on site with ever changing schedules.

Optimized Process

Increase profits, performance, reduced cost and accelerated schedules are some of the benefits our clients are yielding by using TerraSmart-trained and professional rack and panel installation crews.

Qualified Drillers

Seasoned drillers ensure every hole is drilled with precision to ensure accurate and plumb foundations. Drill smart on your next project with TerraSmart’s in-house drilling division.

It starts with project leadership

Project Management

From conception, starting with the purchase order, a dedicated project manager is there every step of the way to manage your project expectations and experience. Delivering a successful project starts with thoughtful preparation between both teams to ensure all items have been addressed prior to the start of construction. The unparalleled responsiveness and attentiveness of TerraSmart project managers creates a fast and fluid movement of information during every phase of construction to ensure complete satisfaction.

Addressing Tomorrow’s Business Needs Today

Professional Surveying

In collaboration with some of the most advanced GPS and software companies, TerraSmart has designed a proprietary surveying system that accelerates installation velocity for all solar ground mounts. In addition to accelerating project timelines, improved accuracy and data reporting have been advanced to meet the most demanding industry standards. With a highly advanced in-house survey team you can trust, your next ground mount project will be executed with the velocity and precision that meets tomorrow’s business goals.

We’re Growing to Serve You Better


Continuing our commitment to grow into a vertically integrated turnkey construction firm, we have invested in cutting edge rock drilling machines to handle the most arduous sub-surface conditions found on solar ground mount sites today. Unique drilling features like an auto depth finder and plumbing create quick and accurate holes to increase production velocity in the field. Real-time data reporting provides access to accuracy of holes and if any adjustments need to be made. These advancements provided by TerraSmart’s drilling team and equipment delivers the right solution to overcome any project with rocky soils.

Unparalleled Performance & Craftsmanship

Rack & Panel Installation

By utilizing GLIDE, our breakthrough fixed-tilt ground mount racking system, installation man-hours will be reduced by 36%. Additionally, our highly trained crew will have racks up and glass set faster and with exceedingly higher-quality work than the competition. TerraSmart stands behind every rack we manufacture and every project we undertake, to ensure our clients are not just satisfied, but are ready to work with us again in the future.