TF2 L, Optimizes System Capacity And Increases Returns

March 21, 2017
March 21, 2017 TerraSmart
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TerraSmart’s Innovative TF2 L Ground-Mount Racking Brings Landscape Orientation to it’s Faster, Smarter, Better Solar Construction Solutions Line

Today TerraSmart launches its new TF2 Landscape, the latest edition of the company’s next-generation, fixed-tilt racking portfolio. Backed by seven years of experience and 1 gigawatt of installed solar capacity, the new TF2 L rack brings TerraSmart’s cost-effective ground-mount technology to a landscape design.

By optimizing our TF2 for landscape orientation, we can increase table sizes up to 6 x 8 panels to accommodate more modules per foundation,” says TerraSmart CEO Ryan Reid. “This maximizes system capacity and lowers the overall cost of array construction.  As with all our products, our signature true turnkey solution lets customers bring systems online quickly and efficiently for optimal project returns.”

TerraSmart’s turnkey construction delivers unequaled precision through state-of-the-art surveying and accurate rock drilling to minimize project risks and increase project bankability.

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In addition to racking more panels per foundation, TF2 L reduces installation time by 35 percent through its in-field efficiencies. It’s time-saving features and benefits also include:

  • Adjustable design with up to 36 percent slope capability to reduce civil work and pre-construction costs
  • Only one-third the hardware found in competing racks, which increases project velocity
  • A simplified hardware stack that offers speed and flexibility on site
  • And more…

The TF2 L system is also paired with TerraSmart’s industry-defining and versatile ground screw foundation to work in any soil condition. Ground screws require less infrastructure than driven piles, saving customers 30 percent in overall foundation costs.

Designed to meet the most rigorous international criteria, the TF2 L is certified to the latest UL 2703 Edition 1 standard, complies with the NEC, has passed CPP wind tunnel testing certifications, and handles snow loads up to 100 pounds per square foot.  To learn more, contact TerraSmart at:

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About TerraSmart

TerraSmart is North America’s leader in solar racking, engineering, design and manufacturing of turnkey, ground mount racking solutions for commercial to utility-scale solar projects. With decades of experience in structural engineering and aluminum and steel fabrication and more than 1 gigawatt installed, TerraSmart delivers the most technologically-advanced solar racking solutions in the industry.

TerraSmart’s innovative ground screw foundation and racking systems have transformed the solar industry by minimizing project risks, ensuring successful installation in all soil types, and offering the most cost-effective solutions. For more information, visit:


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